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We Have Closed Our Store

Flush-It Septic Energizer, after 30 years of business, will be closing upon the sell out of our inventory.  Several events led to our decision, but mostly the rapidly rising costs of supplies, product, shipping, etc  have made it impossible to compete in this marketplace. 

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to our many valued customers, new and old…..we have so appreciated your business and positive feedback…..some of you have been customers of Flush-It for over 20 years….

We thank you and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

FLUSH-IT superior bacteria formula has been used successfully since 1992 to prevent and to solve many problems with septic systems and leach fields and ponds

FLUSH-IT Septic Energizer is the most versatile and powerful bacterial product available. The natural ingredients, reduced packaging and reduced storage make it ecologically sound. FLUSH-IT also biodegrades pollutants that would normally enter the environment and conserves water because it goes down in one flush

With Flush-It, you’ll find the solutions you need to put an end to septic tank problems. We offer a variety of products, to address a variety of septic tank problems, including:

SOLD-OUT – Thank you for your business!

Discover an Easier Way of Dealing With Septic Tank Problems

Now that you have found Flush-It Septic Energizer products , you have access to the safest and most affordable solutions to septic odor. We offer the best septic tank additives to put an end to the issues common to septic tank users. Should you need help along the way, the Flush-It team is always happy to assist. Please email us questions/comments at

Our Customers Love Us

  • Since using Flush-It we have seen much better performance in our septic system, no more odors. We love the great customer service from Flush-It.

    W.G., Port Charlotte, FL

  • I started using Flush-it a year ago when the company I dealt with before in Florida was charging way too much for the product and it was not working well.2 months with Flush-it use and my system cleared and I have no problems with odor etc. Scheduled my annual pumping and when he went to pump it after a year usage of Flush-it I had no odor,minimal wastage to pump and my system check was excellent.Thank you

  • I started using Flush-It for my septic system over a year ago and it was just a few days before the odors I was having went away. I then started using the product for my ponds on my ranch and my ponds have never been clearer. The people at Flush-It have been very helpful in determining how much product I need and were always there to answer my calls.

    Paul B., Giddings, TX

  • I have three ponds on my ranch and I put Flush-It into two of the ponds just to compare and after 3 weeks I am now convinced how well it worked and have purchased more for my third pond. I have tried so many products and never saw these type of results for the cost of the product.

    M.B., Blanco, TX

  • When we moved to this home nine years ago, it was the first septic we had in decades. I used a product from a big box store and after three years,it backed up and had to be pumped. A year later I found Flush-It and was impressed by the claims. After five more years, we again had a back up, When the pump truck arrived, we found that it was not do to the septic, but a back up of toilet paper in the entrance to the tank. The water in the secondary chamber was almost clear and the filter o the leach field had little sediment. There was little sediment even in the primary side. There was almost no smell in either chamber. That after being untouched for five years. If I had opened the inspection hatch and pushed the paper down, I could have saved the cost of pumping the septic. This stuff works and is very cost effective. I tell my neighbors to use it too. Great product.

    Murrell W

  • I've been using Flush-It for years and if it wasn't for Flush-It I would have had to replace my leach field years ago. Use it as a regular treatment every month and you will not be sorry. It Works!!!

    Gary L., Ware, MA

  • New to having a septic system. There were always a couple wet areas in the back yard about half way back to the property line where the grass was always greener.

    Don G., Retired

  • I have been using this product with great results for several years. Jay and everyone at this company are very professional and willing to help you solve any problems that you may have with your septic system or orders.

    Stephen P., Stanton, TN

  • Thank you Solutions Unlimited for making such a super product. I give you an excellent to septic tank maintenance products.

    KT Loveland, CO