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When we moved to this home nine years ago

When we moved to this home nine years ago, it was the first septic we had in decades. I used a product from a big box store and after three years,it backed up and had to be pumped. A year later I found Flush-It and was impressed by the claims. After five more years, we again had a back up, When the pump truck arrived, we found that it was not do to the septic, but a back up of toilet paper in the entrance to the tank. The water in the secondary chamber was almost clear and the filter o the leach field had little sediment. There was little sediment even in the primary side. There was almost no smell in either chamber. That after being untouched for five years. If I had opened the inspection hatch and pushed the paper down, I could have saved the cost of pumping the septic. This stuff works and is very cost effective. I tell my neighbors to use it too. Great product.