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About Septic Systems

The Superior Bacteria in FLUSH-IT® are in a suspended state and need water and food to become active. They function best at temperatures between 50o and 110oF (active septic tanks are always warm). Activity increases with temperature. The water-soluble pouch is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use for monthly septic maintenance. Other uses, such as drain treatment, may require a different approach for the most economical application. The longer the bacteria are in contact with the material to be digested, the better they work. The more finely divided the material (such as when making compost), the faster they work. For pre-dissolved maximum activity, one to four packs may be dissolved in one gallon of warm (not hot) water. Allow to stand 15 to 20 minutes and stir before use. Keep bacteria and pre-dissolved mixtures below 110oF and out of direct sunlight. Do not allow pre-dissolved mixtures to stand for more than one hour before use.

Every time you do laundry with bleach or ammonia, take a shower with deodorant soap, wash dishes or wash your hands with antiseptic soap, you kill the bacteria in your plumbing system. Avoid using FLUSH-IT® within a few hours before or after any of the above operations.

“Shock Treatment” – ordinary products will tell you to double or triple their dose to “jump start” your system. This is usually because their bacterial counts are low or they want you to use more of their product. Superior BacteriaSM will double in numbers every 20 minutes. If you have a major problem, we suggest you use FLUSH-IT® weekly or bi-monthly for the first few treatments. It is better to use it more often than to use more.

It takes weeks, months or years to develop problems. Do not expect bacteria to solve your problems overnight. Bacteria need some time to digest organic matter. A repeat treatment might be needed.

Water Softeners – The people who install water softeners will tell you the salt produced won’t harm your septic system. This is true and false. The very low concentrations of salt generated by the “softening” procedure probably won’t hurt your septic system. Having the regenerating salt solution go directly into your septic system is very bad. High concentrations of salt will kill bacteria and probably all the soil organisms in your leach field. It also reacts with high clay content soil to form a cement-like substance. Either will create a “bio dead” condition, causing your leach field to fail. Salt also corrodes concrete and there have been cases of the baffles in septic tanks collapsing from corrosion due to salt from the water softener.

Do not use with any other chemicals or treatments.

FLUSH-IT® Septic Energizer is the most versatile and powerful bacterial product available. The natural ingredients, reduced packaging and reduced storage make it ecologically sound. FLUSH-IT® also biodegrades pollutants that would normally enter the environment and conserves water because it goes down in one flush.